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CBT, Psychodynamic, Attachment Theory & EMDR Trained

Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH 16575 Graduate Certificate Marriage & Family Therapy EMDR Trained

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Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit....where healing begins

Counseling for anxiety, panic, trauma, and PTSD, using CBT, Psychodynamic theory and EMDR in Melbourne, Florida.

Counseling all of Brevard County Florida.

EMDR Trained.

Feeling anxious?

Is excessive worry or racing thoughts keeping you awake at night? Are you restless, feeling on edge or having problems concentrating? Anxiety can interfere with your daily life! You’ve come to the right place. Treating your anxiety, reducing your symptoms, and helping you get your life back to normal is my main focus. At this point you are most likely feeling overwhelmed, but there is hope and help. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and would be happy to help facilitate the healing process.

Therapy can be beneficial in decreasing or eliminating symptoms of anxiety. The issues that you are struggling with can be understood and unraveled through the self-reflective nature of therapy. Through therapy you will learn stress management, self-care techniques, and you will be supported while facing and mastering emotions. Through collaboration you can resume normal activities and gain a sense of empowerment. There is hope because anxiety is treatable.

Seeing my clients transform from feeling hopeless and helpless to feeling empowered and hopeful is my passion.

Confidentiality is respected and required. It is of the utmost importance.


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Stomping out the Stigma

What to expect from Counseling

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